Thursday, 23 August 2012

two 'versions' of GATK now? & GATK forum woes

quite confused by the problems I have to logging in to the GATK forums with either my google account or twitter account using chrome/firefox on a mac ... 
I keep getting an prompt to ask me why I wish to join the GATK forum (well if u let me join, I think my first post/intention will be to rant about how the new website looks pretty but doesn't work, see below )

This is a beta version of the new GATK forum. Please be patient as we roll in new content and functionality in the next few days.OpenID Connect
  • Tell us why you want to join!

registered for a proper account with my email ... shall see if that helps.

Download GATK 2.0 (beta)

GATK 2.0 includes all of the original GATK 1.x tools as well as many newer and more advanced tools for error modeling, data compression, and variant calling. The version of Queue provided below is built for GATK 2.0.
Please be aware that the GATK 2.0 beta tool chain may be unstable, slow, not scalable, poorly documented, or not interact seamlessly among each other or with other tools in the suite, so could require more effort from users. With these caveats, these tools provide radically improved calling sensitivity, specificity, and performance, so are worth the exposure as beta software.

Download GATK-lite

GATK-lite is a subset of the full GATK 2.0 release that is free-to-use for all entities, including commercial ones. It includes all of the capabilities (if not the exact tools) from GATK 1.6 but none of the exclusive 2.0 tools. The version of Queue provided below is built for GATK-lite.
For the tech-savvy, GATK-lite is the binary distribution corresponding to the public GATK source released in the Github repository. Everything in GATK-lite is licensed under the MIT license.

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