Monday, 28 October 2013

Illumina Webinar Series: Sequencing Difficult Templates - Why Quality is Everything

Sequencing Difficult Templates - Why Quality is Everything

Wednesday, November 6
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Time: 1:00 pm A.E.D.T
Josquin Tibbits, PhD,
Senior Research Scientist, Dept of Environment and Primary Industries


For most applications, sequence quality (low error rates, correct library size, even coverage etc), stands out as the key metric for the downstream utility of data from NGS platforms. I investigate the quality and utility of data generated from a range of platforms (454, HiSeq, MiSeq and PGM) for the reference initiated assembly of homopolymer, repeat and low complexity plant plastid genomes. These types of sequences are a good proxy for the more difficult sequence regions found when exploring larger genomes in both agricultural and human sequencing projects. The analysis will show in detail how the different platforms cope with these challenging regions

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Biome | Q&A with Rich Roberts on single-molecule sequencing technology

The exciting part about single molecule sequencing for me was the ability to sequence low abundance transcripts or have phased haplotypes for human sequencing. Having a high error rate nullifies any advantage in these areas. But I guess it's a tool in the end and how you use it to get meaning results.

"As the previously rapid climb in cost efficiency brought about by next-generation sequencing plateaus, the failure of single-molecule sequencing to deliver might leave some genomics aficionados despondent about the prospects for their field. But a recentCorrespondence article in Genome Biology saw Nobel laureate Richard Roberts, together with Cold Spring Harbor’s Mike Schatz and Mauricio Carneiro of the Broad Institute, argue that the latest iteration of Pacific Biosciences’ SMRT platform is a powerful tool, whose value should be reassessed by a skeptical community.
In this Q&A, Roberts tells us why he thinks there’s a need for re-evaluation, and what sparked his interest in genomics in the first place."

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The advantages of SMRT sequencing

Roberts RJ, Carneiro MO and Schatz MC
Genome Biology 2013, 14:405

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