Monday, 13 August 2012

Picard release 1.75

Picard release 1.75
13 August 2012

- Added method to make a read unmapped and a method to check whether any
cigar element consumes both read and reference bases to SAMUtils; used
these methods in AbstractAlignment merger to catch reads with cigar
strings that don't consume any read or reference bases (e.g. all
soft-clipped) and make them unmapped

- Augmented plots for GC Bias Metrics, Mean Quality by Cycle, Quality
Score Distribution, and RNA Sequence Coverage. Specifically, if the plot
was generated from a read group .bam, the title of the plot includes the
read group's library.

- Produce more useful error output by
printing out the class of the parser that's failing

- Support SeekableStream BAM index.

- build.xml: Added single-jar packaging target tasks.  Consolidated
package-commands task.


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  1. Great Blog, Kevin. Apart from technical commentary, we really love your funny 'bioinformatics jobs' posts.


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