Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Top 10 Clever Uses for Dropbox

Great tips! only knew 2 outta 10!

my own addition to the fray is to use it as a minimal fuss subversion or cvs after i recently discovered that it keeps version history of my files! you can't really keep comments / meta info associated with versions though. 

here's my favs from the list of ten

5. Host a Web Site or Start Page for Your Browser

So you've built your first web site, and now you're looking for somewhere to host it. You can actually host it for free right in your Dropbox—either manually or with a service like DropPages. This trick is also handy for syncing your custom start page across your systems, so you have it everywhere you go—whether it's one you created yourself or one of the many we've featured here before.

3. Launch Applications and Run Commands on Your Home Computer

Top 10 Clever Uses for DropboxSimilar to the remote printing method, you can also run applications and commands on your home computer with a clever setup in Dropbox. We've shown you how to do it with Windows and AutoHotkey, but Dropbox also has a tutorial for Linux users, which is pretty handy. It's perfect for starting up your favorite remote desktop program so you can get full control of your computer from afar.

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