Thursday, 2 August 2012

[ensembl-announce] Ensembl release 68 is out!

From: Thomas Maurel

The latest Ensembl update (e!68) has been released :

Here are some highlights:

Human: The patches for the human genome assembly have been updated to GRCh37.p8, Human somatic variants from COSMIC have been updated to release 59. Human structural variation has been updated and new studies have been added. 

New genomes: The assembly for Mouse has been updated to GRCm38 and Dog has been updated to CanFam3.1.

New species:  Chinese softshell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis).

Other news: We have moved to using Sequence Ontology terms to describe consequences in Ensembl Variation and starting with this release we will be incrementally refreshing the design of the Ensembl web template.

A complete list of the changes in release 68 can be found at

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Thomas Maurel

Thomas Maurel
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