Thursday, 1 March 2012

using a windows keyboard with a Mac

I really wished that peripherals adhere to the same standard layout to prevent being made obselete and making it's way to a landfill.

Wanted to use my old wireless keyboard with my Mac but turns out that the keyboard layout is different ( and of course the 'Win' key now becomes the 'Command' key.

Now remapping the keys in my head isn't too hard to do after all I am still getting used to the Mac layout, but it would be a pain if i had to swap minds again when using another's Mac,

there is an option in Windows to remap keys should you wish to do so (probably to make foreign keyboards more like the one in your country of origin.

In Mac, You will have to download a free software to do it :(

now my USA layout keyboard reads crtl win alt
but it's actually
control option command

other nice perks, I got the home and end keys working like a PC and crtl-PgUp works also ..

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