Monday, 12 March 2012

Keybindings - iterm2 - How to set up your shell for accepting proper key bindings. - Development site for iTerm2 - Google Project Hosting

when i solve one issue for tweaking my shell/terminal/ env another one pops up

I like the alt+<- for jumping words in Terminal but it's missting in iTerm2
iTerm2 will select the entire line when i double tap (e.g. folder
path) but it lacks the above ..

Readline also supports jumping between words, that is re-positioning
the cursor before or after the current/next word.

The default binding for this is ESC-f for forward jumping and ESC-b
for backward jumping.

Most users will find this inconvenient, as the escape key is far away
from the default finger position. While iTerm2 can be configured to
use the Option (ALT) key for entering escape sequences, it should be
better used as the Meta key or for entering "special" characters like
greek letters, symbols, umlauts etc.

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