Thursday, 22 March 2012

only hg19 resources available for PLINK/SEQ

If you are following the tutorial at

you would have to first download the data

Downloading the data for the tutorial

We assume you have a working copy of PLINK/SEQ already installed. The data for this tutorial are in two archives you need to download:

but do note that the resources link is broken for now possibly pending changes? the download for ver 0.0.8 of the program is also disabled. 

you may download the hg19 version of the resources at

[   ]locdb19-Mar-2012 16:23 102M 
 [   ]locdb.ccds17-Mar-2012 18:18 80M  
[   ]locdb.gencode17-Mar-2012 18:19 207M  
[   ]refdb.g1k.gz17-Mar-2012 18:21 1.0G  
[   ]refdb.gz17-Mar-2012 18:23 1.3G  
[   ]seqdb17-Mar-2012 18:54 832M

UPDATE: a better page to describe the resources can be found here
although only hg19 is avail

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  1. Is it possible that you send me the file pop.phe in pseq-tut1.tar.gz? Thanks a lot!


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