Tuesday, 4 September 2012

slides from 1000 Genomes Project Community Meeting - Meeting Agenda

  • Advances in Analysis of Next Generation Data: This session will include highlights of advances in the analysis of next generation sequence data pioneered by the project and also discussion of contemporary challenges.
  • Advances in Our Understanding of Genetic Variation: This session will include highlights of what we have learned about patterns of genetic variation from project data and other large scale sequencing studies.
  • Applications of 1000 Genomes Data to Genetic Association Studies: This session will discuss and provide examples of how 1000 Genomes Project data can contribute to association studies, ranging from imputation to array design.
  • Applications of Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing to Population Samples: This session will discuss and provide examples of the information that sequencing can provide beyond that provided by genotyping when applied to large population samples.
  • The Future of Sequence-Based Community Resource Projects: What next steps are needed? These could include ideas such as developing a reference set of well-assembled genomes, or lists of individuals who can be re-contacted to build a library of null alleles for many human genes, and many other ideas.

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