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Managing Big Bad Biology data: BioTeam Inc. Blog

I have always loved BioTeam's blog posts and slides (perhaps my true calling lies in that direction). Sometimes I find myself advocating something that goes against the grain of user convenience/perception for the 'greater good' and often I would budge simply cos I feel I don't have a real case as I do not have actual numbers to support that the benefits outweight the costs. 
I think what the guys at BioTeam are doing is great .. cutting through user perceptions and the technology maze to come up with useable practical suggestions. (although sometimes I think that they mainly serve bigger labs, and actually tips for small labs with big dreams would be cool too!) 

btw my neighbouring lab has a backblaze 'clone' for secondary storage most probably inspired by BioTeam's posts .... hahah shall investigate further .. 

BioTeam Inc. Blog

Posted: 19 Sep 2012 04:00 PM PDT
Intel hosted a seminar series event at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA on 9/6/2012. The topic was Managing Big Data in Life Sciences and Healthcare, a critically important topic in life sciences at the moment. I was invited to give a talk about how BioTeam sees the state of the art and how we approach the management of this expansive sea of data. Since we see an incredibly broad range of implementations of data management solutions, my presentation covered the 10,000ft overview of how I see the state of big data storage and the new challenges that are being faced. Since we often approach data management issues by implementing our own MiniLIMS software, I demonstrated how a system like MiniLIMS can help manage sprawling file systems from a research perspective.

My slides can be viewed below. If you can't see the embedded presentation, please follow this link to SlideShare:

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