Sunday, 15 July 2012

Psychopathy Prediction Based on Twitter Usage - Kaggle

would be cool if it was a model based on this AND sequence data ...

The  aim of the competition is to determine to what degree it's possible to predict people with a sufficiently high degree of Psychopathy based on Twitter usage and Linguistic Inquiry.

The organizers provide all interested participants an anonymised dataset of users self assessed psychopathy scores together with 337 variables derived from functions of Twitter information, useage and lingusitc analysis. Psychopathy scores are based on a checklist developed by Professor Del Paulhus at the University of British Columbia.

The model should aim to identify people scoring high in Psychopathy, for the purpose of this competition, defined as 2 SD's above a mean of 1.98. This accounts for roughly 3% of the entire sample and therefore the challenge with this dataset is developing a model to work with a highly imbalanced dataset.

The best performing model(s) will be formally cited in a future paper/papers. The authors of the winning model may also be invited to attend future conferences to discuss their model.

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