Friday, 20 July 2012

is there an "average" chromosome or a good abridged chromosome?

was reading the tweet conversation of

And i often wondered about the practice of using the 1st 10Mb of Chr1 as a test alignment target for sequencing runs on the SOLiD machine and how informative that might be.

I wonder since someone probably has some sort of summary statistics of individual chromosomes, is there a particular chromosome that's representative of the whole genome or perhaps a chimera that represents the rest of the chromosomes that one might be good to run through various sequencing platforms to validate results or compare sequencing platform error profiles ...

just a random thought

I've always thought chr20 is the most gentlemanly. 1,6,9 : crazy hetreochromatin. 19 - a zoo of zinc fingers. [1/2]

Stay away from the acrocentrics (13,14,15,21,22), and chr17 has >> duplications. X and Y obviously odd.

Better than chrY, that filthy degenerate. RT : Chromosome six, what is WRONG with you???

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