Saturday, 5 May 2012

'junk DNA' as deemed by NCBI

I still recall my excitement at my undergrad years at submitting a bunch of  DNA seq (Sanger of course) to GenBank. The manuscript I was preparing never got accepted until 4 years later .. but it was sort of my first attempt at adding to the wealth of human knowledge. But I walked away from the experience feeling how easy it was to actually just submit gibberish to the widely used DB and no one will know for sure ...

Honestly I had mixed feelings about the possibility of contamination of the database by spuriously submitting random DNA seq as an act of vandalism for e.g.

I was surprised then to find out that NCBI has decided to delete some DNA barcodes that didn't meet a minimum standard.

Shall endeavor to find that criterion for pulling the plug on DNA barcodes ...
was reading iPhylo - Dark taxa even darker: NCBI pulls (some) DNA barcodes from GenBank (updated) - 4/24

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