Tuesday, 22 May 2012

annoyance at 'case-insensitiveness' of Mac terminal shell

Ok there might have been days where I wished for case insensitive filenames as per dos/windows, but I have since learnt the errors of my way and embraced how case sensitive adds a new way for me to organise files by filenames.
BUT all this is gone in MacOS :/


  1. I believe that case insensitivity is a "feature" of the MacOS file system, HFS Plus. You can enable case sensitivity on a volume when formatting it using Disk Utility.

  2. Actually it is worse than that - it depends on the file system and how it is configured. Some hard drives on a Mac will be case sensitive, the default is not.

  3. One of the things I like about the Mac is that they have been rigid about most stuff that it's 'predictable' which makes for an easier work laptop?

    for example, color calibration on mac is easier.

    but having to think/work in BSD/Mac & Linux/Redhat/Ubuntu is quite troublesome!


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