Saturday, 19 May 2012

[Denovoassembler-users] Ray v2.0.0-rc7 is available online !

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From: Sébastien Boisvert
Date: Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Subject: [Denovoassembler-users] Ray v2.0.0-rc7 is available online !

Hello !

I am proud to announce the immediate availability of the Ray assembler
version 2.0.0 release candidate 7, code name "Dark Astrocyte of Knowledge".

This version ships with RayPlatform v1.0.2, code name "Timely Gate of

Link for download:

Changes in Ray

* The CMakeList file was updated.
* GC content for contigs are dumped in XML files.
* New option -one-color-per-file for graph coloring.
* Optimized file system input/output operations.
* Network testing is more verbose.
* Fixed an integer overflow bug in the scaffolder.
* New guide in Documentation/ for software message routing.
* Fixed an integer overflow bug in the profiler.
* Fixed a synchronization bug in the coloring algorithm.
* Increased the sensitivity of the biological profiling algorithms.
* Disabled the plugin for neighbourhoods.
* New plugin to compute gene ontology profiles.
* Added various missing code headers.
* Simplified the plugin creation process.
* Fixed some divisions per 0.
* Fixed a synchronization bug for gene ontology.
* Added simple profile files for sequence abundance, taxonomy profiles
and gene ontology profiles.
* A bug that caused k-mers with >= 65536 coverage to have less coverage
was fixed.
        ---> This was a long-standing bug that caused some issues.
* Added some datatypes.

Changes in RayPlatform

* Command line arguments can be obtained.
* Simplified the plugin creation process.
* Fixed two divisions per 0.
* Added some datatypes.


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