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Python Ecosystem - An Introduction

When developers shift from PHP, Ruby or any other platform to Python, the very first road block they face (most often) is a lack of an overall understanding of the Python ecosystem. Developers often yearn for a tutorial or resource that explains how to accomplish most tasks in a more or less standard way.

What follows is an extract from the internal wiki at my workplace, which documents the basics of the Python ecosystem for web application development for our interns, trainees and experienced developers who shift to Python from other platforms.

This is not a complete resource. My target is to make it a work in perpetual progress. Hopefully, over time, this will develop into an exhaustive tutorial.

Intended Audience

This is not about teaching Python - the programming language. This tutorial will not magically transform you into a Python ninja. I am assuming that you already know the basics of Python. If you don't, then stop right now. Go read Zed Shaw's brilliant free book Learn Python The Hard Way first and then come back.

I am assuming you are working on Linux (preferably Ubuntu/Debian) or a Linux-like operating system. Why? Because that is what I know best. I have not done any serious programming related work on MS Windows or Mac OS X, other than testing for cross-browser compatibility. Check out the following tutorials on how to install Python on other platforms:

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