Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ion Torrent Retrospective – 2011 « Edge Bio – Views From the Edge



6 months ago a run at EdgeBio of a 314 chip cost $2500 for ~25Mb of sequence.  That a buck for every 10,000 bases.  Now we charge $2350 for a 316 chip (the 314 is discounted to $1550) and generate on average 250Mb.  That's a buck every 106,000 bases.  So, for the same price, we have doubled the assembly metrics in de Novo assemblies above. All done in less than 7-10 business days. 


We have recently been validating the long read chemistry further, have done our first 2 Ampliseq Cancer panel runs, are gearing up to validate the mate pair protocol, and are piloting the 318 Chips.  Look for a few blog posts over the coming weeks about the mate pair data, our custom SnpEff plug-in,  and our progress with capture and 318 chips (maybe Exomes you say???)

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