Tuesday, 27 December 2011

PLoS Biology: The Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Data Means Better Science

The Open Data in Science working group has a common goal of achieving a world in which scientific data is open by default according to the Panton Principles, with limited exceptions. As a diverse collection of individuals, the aims, objectives, and means to achieve this are a matter of healthy debate and we encourage others to join the discussion.

In terms of our primary aim of providing tools, apps, and datasets for generating, discovering, and reusing open data, ideas are flowing continuously but require the input of the wider scientific community in identifying the problems they face in publishing, discovering, and reusing data online and requesting assistance in solving them. The working group aims to provide a community and network that can respond to these needs and a hub for access to the resulting tools, which we hope all stakeholders in scientific data will find valuable. Better science—in terms of transparency, reproducibility, increased efficiency, and ultimately a greater benefit to society—depends on open data.

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