Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I can imagine personal genomes being shipped in these : SanDisk(R) Memory Vault

Chanced upon this SSD with an interesting feature that states that it can support data retention up to 100 years. Perhaps in the future, we might get our genome sequences saved in one of this.(two just for redundancy). You might be sequenced at birth and this info is used for all your medical consultations to receive personalized medicine / consultation throughout your lifetime ...


Introducing the SanDisk Memory Vault, the first product from SanDisk engineered to preserve your most important photos, videos, documents, and scanned files for generations to come.
SanDisk Memory Vault features Chronolock™ technology:
  • Engineered to preserve the quality of photos and videos long term
  • Tested to support data retention for up to 100 years*
  • Physically designed for long-term reliability and durability
Preserve your life's most cherished moments with the SanDisk Memory Vault.

For the details on the testing methods ...

Data Retention Test Methodology

In order substantiate show how SanDisk Memory Vault technology can support 100 year data retention, accelerated temperature cycling and the Arrhenius acceleration factor was used to simulate the effects to data retention over long durations of memory usage.
The Arrhenius equation expresses the relationship between the rate constant (or acceleration factor) and the activation energy and temperature of a reaction.

Figure 1. Arrhenius Equation
EXAMPLE: The following example is for illustrative purposes only. Actual figures used to validate data retention properties meet and or exceed standard product usage parameters. In this example, the test calculation the following temperatures and activation energies were used:
  1. Ea = Activation Energy = 1.0 ev
  2. Boltzmann Constant = 8.62*10-5
  3. Product application temperature used for this test (Ta) = 35ºC
  4. Product test temperature used for this test (Tt) = 125ºC
  5. Product's time-to-failure is exponential

kevin:Not affliated with them but won't mind a tester unit from them!

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