Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Let's make the SEQwiki even more awesome

Let's make the SEQwiki even more awesome

Help make the Wiki awesome! The SEQanswers wiki (or "SEQwiki" for short) is a great help for users of this forum: It's a catalog of high-throughput sequencing tools. There is currently an effort to get the SEQanswers forum and the wiki published in the next NAR database issue. This is a to get the wiki in shape: Some of the tool descriptions are just "stubs", but in order for those pages to be really helpful, we need just . We invite everyone to pick one (or of course more!) tools that she or he uses and improve its description in the wiki. If you are the author of the tool, it is the best time to advertise there by writing to help people choose the tools. This will help others tremendously when they decide which tool to use. It's also the perfect opportunity to write down the sometimes things that are often not mentioned on the homepages of those tools. Here are some suggestions what you could write about your tool: Which tasks is the tool at? (something like: "really fast read mapping") What are the limitations? In which situations would the tool not be appropriate? ("cannot find indels", "needs at least least 32 GB RAM") Are there any ? Any idiosyncrasies when using the tool? ("be careful: if the input file is corrupt, there's no error message -- and the results will even look meaningful"). Hidden requirement? e.g. that said memory efficient but require 32GB or more for a reasonable small dataset? Which tools exist? ("if you still use MAQ, you should switch to BWA") Are there related tools? (on the BWA page: "Seal uses the BWA algorithm, but runs on a Hadoop cluster") Since the wiki is there to help us decide which tool to use for a specific purpose, please also try to . Just try to make it fit into the "Browse software" page! While you are editing and using the wiki, please also let us know about you have with the wiki software itself -- things perhaps only an administrator can change. Do any templates look ugly? Is the navigation too confusing? Don't like the fonts? We cannot promise to take care of everything, but ! Writing by M Martin. Thanks! The SeqWiki Publishing team want to thank you for the help

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