Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bitcasa lets you have 'infinite' storage on cloud- Not a joke

The web is abuzz with this new company present TechCrunch Disrupt conference
Essentially they promise to store all of your hdd content in encrypted format in the cloud.
Nothing new? Well they are only going to charge you USD$10 / month for it.

How are they going to achieve that?
The company has propriety data de-duplication algorithms that can reduce most users file storage footprint to 25 Gb of data each (assuming we share similar files like mp3 and that )

Hmmm imagine the potential for storing NGS data on the cloud for cheap! (Well we won't exactly be bankrupting them if most ppl are storing human genome sequences which will be very very similar right?)

[From CNET]
The company is aggressive about data de-duplication, and furthermore, most users have less than 25GB of data. With cheap bandwidth and cheap storage, it works. The 8-person company has raised $1.3 million and counts Andreessen Horowitz and the CrunchFund as its backers.

Interested? Sign up for a trial using this url to help push me up to the front of the queue for the beta :)

How to Make Your Hard Drive Infinite - Technology Review

Why 17.59 terabytes? Because that's the maximum amount of data OS X can address.
(Credit: Bitcasa)

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