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Early MiSeq Users Say Data Quality Matches HiSeq; Cite Speed as Advantage for Range of Applications | In Sequence | Sequencing | GenomeWeb

Broad institute is cited to be using it daily.
and seq quality nearly matches that of hi seq but it costs more per base though it produces data faster.
I don't have any 1st hand accounts of MiSeq data even though a friend has asked if I know anyone who might be able to serve as a consultant for a sequencing provider company in China using MiSeq. I also wondered if BGI has early access to MiSeq as well.

According to Nusbaum, the instrument is "pretty easy" to use, runs fast, and provides high-quality data, although at a greater cost per base than the HiSeq. It has been running according to Illumina's specifications, he said, and so far, there have been no serious problems with the machine.
According to Illumina, MiSeq produces more than 120 megabases of data with 35-base reads in four hours, and more than 1 gigabase of data with paired 150-base reads in 27 hours, including amplification and sequencing, and the number of unpaired reads exceeds 3.4 million.
The base accuracy of the data "is similar to what we see for the HiSeq," Nusbaum said. Toward the ends of the reads, the quality is even slightly higher than for HiSeq, probably because the sample spends less time on the machine.
Initially, the Broad plans to use the platform for "any kind of urgent project where turnaround time trumps cost of the data," Nusbaum said. This includes, for example, R&D projects, because "you get your answer in a day rather than in a week and a half."
In addition, projects that "fit nicely onto a small platform" will be run on MiSeq in the future at the Broad; these could include, for example, viral and microbial sequencing projects.

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