Saturday, 4 June 2011

Posting of Ion Torrent protocols online is a violation of Terms and Conditions

Just got to know of this rather disturbing fact that seqanswers admins were informed (nicely) to take down online posted protocols for the Ion Torrent.

I wished to post the adaptor sequences for RNA multiplex libraries online before as a help for bioinformaticians that might have gotten their data from a service provider or have problems getting a prompt response from the ever friendly FAS. I mean if it's online, I need not bother them yeah?

Now I wonder if I might be violating terms and conditions somewhere out there.

I would argue for posting of protocols online.
Lab Protocols are meant to be optimised in every lab.
case in point? you promote active discussion on the product and once you have that, it is an active support community that beats a whole army of FAS with trained responses to problems in protocols.
see this imaginary conversation

Researcher A: making that incubation step longer for 10 secs improves your yield? good for you! but it didn't work for me, any advice on where else I can do it?
Researcher B: yeah sure, you see page 15 step 8A ? don't over do that step as it affects yield but be warned it might affect the quality of the final output but let's solve one problem at a time. . I tried that last week!

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