Friday, 3 June 2011

Ion Torrent Ships New RNA Sequencing Application as Fast, Easy, Affordable Alternative to Microarrays | Life Technologies

The Ion RNA-Seq is making RNA sequencing accessible to every scientist in world, with a fast, sim can buy and use: The workflow is fast: Single-day workflow and sequencing that takes about an hour, comp some next-gen sequencers. The price is affordable: The Ion PGM sequencer costs just $49,500, less than a microarray generation platform, and Ion chips start at $250. Ion RNA-Seq delivers a low per-sample pool hundreds of samples. The workflow is easy: Any molecular biology lab can quickly master the workflow, and dat minutes with intuitive tools like Partek, which are familiar to microarray users. The platform is scalable: Change the number of reads by just changing the chip. The read lengths are long: At least 100 bp today, 200 bp by the end of 2011 and 400 bp in splice junctions

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