Thursday, 7 June 2012

Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt Adapter Review | - Storage Reviews

With technology like aspera, multi part S3 upload. I wonder how many people are still using portable HDD to transfer data. My lab has raw seq, archived on goflex hdd coincidentally. Getting data out fast is a pain when u have them split across ten drives.

It would be cool to have this adaptor to speed things up though!
But being sata drives as mentioned I think u can only reach USB 3 speeds. So even if I were to plug a disk via thunderbolt to a Mac via wired LAN the speed up might be just twice.

For the price, I wonder if getting a small NAS with USB ports to backup the entire portable HDD then use cron to pull the data to central storage might be better.

The cool thing about the adaptor is that it really is just a sata to thunderbolt adaptor. If u have a goflex drive, u would know what I mean.

Would be cool if someone made a SATA RAID mirror with thunderbolt output adaptor! Then u won't have to use SSDs to achieve higher speeds

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