Tuesday, 16 August 2011

microRNA Profiling: Platform Comparison

Found this gem of a presentation online ...

microRNA Profiling:
Platform Comparison
ABRF Microarray Research Group
Don Baldwin – Penn Microarray Facility,
University of Pennsylvania

Examine multiple microarray and next-gen
sequencer platforms for performance in miRNA
•  Provide information on sensitivity, reproducibility,
and concordance among platforms
•  Make data available for reference in selecting &
running miRNA profiling assays

Study begun as 2009 MARG project in collaboration with
•  Preliminary report on microarray component of study and
single miRNA seq result presented at ABRF 2009
•  Over last year, additional sequencing data has been
generated on Illumina and ABI SOliD platforms in MARG
member labs


microRNA Profiling: Platform Comparison


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