Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mounting Amazon S3 buckets in GenomeSpace

Neat feature!

New Feature: Mounting Amazon AWS S3 Buckets

The GenomeSpace Data Manager was originally built to save the files you upload to GenomeSpace in an Amazon Simple Storage System (S3) bucket that is managed by GenomeSpace itself. However you can add additional Amazon S3 buckets to GenomeSpace that you or a third party has set up to make the file contents available to your GenomeSpace and your GenomeSpace tools. For buckets that are publicly accessible, you only need to tell GenomeSpace the name of the bucket to mount it.  However, for private buckets, or those with limited non-public accessibility, the process is more complex, requiring you to set up a sub-account and the minimal permissions in Amazon to share the bucket with GenomeSpace.  Once a bucket has been mounted in GenomeSpace, you can share it with other GenomeSpace users using the standard GenomeSpace sharing dialogs.

For details on how to mount a bucket into your GenomeSpace, follow the steps in the documentation.

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