Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fwd: [bedtools-discuss] pybedtools version 0.6.2

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From: "Ryan Dale"

> Hi all,
> On the heels of BEDTools 2.17 release, I've just released the corresponding pybedtools v0.6.2.
> pybedtools v0.6.2 wraps the tools new in BEDTools 2.17, and adds lots of bugfixes and features of its own.
> The complete documentation is at http://packages.python.org/pybedtools/, and the specific changes and new features in this version are listed at http://packages.python.org/pybedtools/changes.html#changes-in-v0-6-2.
> As always, comments, suggestions, and bug reports are all welcome.
> -ryan

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