Friday, 18 November 2011

Fwd: What are my Cloud based NGS analysis options?

For Commercial offerings there are 

DNAnexus provides solutions for both DNA sequencing centers growing their next-gen capacity, and the researchers working with next-gen sequence data. Our web-based platform solves the data management and analysis challenges common to both with a single, unified system. We support sequencing operations and research organizations of virtually any size, with absolutely no upfront hardware investment needed.
They have secured $15 mil funding led by google ventures so this is a company to watch for .. 

only works with Illumina data 
Next-generation sequencing cloud computing for biologists. 
Combining industry leading NGS technology with easy-to-use bioinformatics, storage, and sharing.

Only works with SOLiD data 
SOLiD™ offers customers an alternative to buying and maintaining the expensive compute infrastructure typically required for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis. Your NGS data and the tools necessary to analyze that data are available to you wherever you access the internet—be it in the lab or on the beach!

Galaxy CloudMan: delivering cloud compute clusters
Ok this is not strictly commercial, but you would have to pay for compute hours for your Amazon instances. This is an option I am eager to play around with. 

:-)  there's also Galaxy the cloud based NGS web gui that's fast gaining traction . 

What are your views on the available solutions? 

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