Thursday, 3 November 2011

employment ads do you have mad ngs / genomic analysis skills

EdgeBio Hiring #bioinformatics engineers ( & scientists ( Gotta have mad #ngs / #genomic analysis skills.

I like looking at recruitment ads :)
often they list skills that gets added to my todo /to learn list to keep current with research trends

not a plug for them but do check out the list of skills
$$ denotes shared skills Hmmm MATLAB  ... that's something I have no experience with, shall endeavour to find out it's relevance to NGS ... guessing it's a systems biology requirement ..

I am curious as to 'Gnome scale data analysis techniques'

anyone in the know to explain that to me ?

We are looking for a Bioinformatics Engineer to work in close collaboration with our informatics research and laboratory staff on site to provide sequencing core and data analysis infrastructure built atop a cutting edge data center and computation facility.

Required Skills:
• Proven experience with large scale data management, qc, and visualization
• Ability to leverage innovative 3rd party tools in published research and the public domain
• Gnome scale data analysis techniques (sequence similarity, assembly, annotation, etc)
• Comfortable in a Unix/Linux environment (you need to "get" dorky Linux jokes) $$
• Relational Database (Postgres, MySQL)
• Scripting languages (Perl, Python, shell) and associated tools
• Next generation sequencing (NGS) tools and techniques
• Statistics, mathematical analysis, R, MATLAB $$
• Ability to develop and implement data analysis algorithms

With Edge BioServ, you will find those "dare to be great" challenges and opportunities. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a rewarding environment.

For Bioinformatics Scientists

Do you feel you have more to contribute to bioinformatics research? Are you looking for a flexible, start-up environment where you can take responsibility and apply novel computational methods to help analyze terabytes of high throughput sequence data? If so we are looking for talented, energetic professionals with proven experience in:

• In depth knowledge of bioinformatics algorithms and tools (alignment, expression profiling, etc)
• Next generation sequencing (NGS) tools and techniques
• High performance computing clusters, cloud computing
• Statistics, Mathematical Analysis, R, MATLAB $$
• Strong scientific and project management skills
• Comfortable in a Unix/Linux environment (you need to "get" dorky Linux jokes) $$

#disclaimer- not affliated with EdgeBio though it sounds like a place I might enjoy working in ;p

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