Friday, 14 May 2010

Lincoln Stein makes his case for moving genome informatics to the Cloud

Matthew Dublin summarizes Lincoln's paper in Making the Case for Cloud Computing & Genomics in genomeweb

excerpt "....
Stein walks the reader through an nice explanation of what exactly cloud computing is, the benefits of using a compute solution that grows and shrinks as needed, and makes an attempt at tackling the question of the cloud's economic viability when compared to purchasing and managing local compute resources.
The take away is that Moore's Law and its effect on sequencing technology will soon force researchers to analyze their mountains of sequencing data in a paradigm where the software comes to the data rather than the current, and opposite, approach. Stein says that this means now more than ever, cloud computing is a viable and attractive option..... "

Yet to read it (my weekend bedtime story) will post comments here.

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