Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Costs of Illumina sequencing

another blog post detailing the cost of Illumina NGS seq. Useful for penny pinching moments! What's unique is that the author showed "how Single end and Paired end sequencing costs drop as read-length increases" 
There's 1001 ways to count costs and to factor in EVERYTHING like power, human resource. Naturally vendors dislike us to put it out in the open. ( Ahem, I have heard some company's lawyers sending emails to "correct" inaccurate figures posted )
Which is sad as I do not have a lawyer to send them an email about their inaccuracy or rather how they have conveniently left out upstream essential kit prices and other stuff. In their defence, everyone is trying to move towards the $1,000 genome but it does make my life difficult when I have to explain why adverts that say / promise $3,000 genomes are not really fibbing but they just conveniently left out costs which someone has to pay.

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