Friday, 30 April 2010

BioTeam Inc. - Slides from HPC Trends Talk

BioITWorld – Slides from HPC Trends Talk

love the Storage war stories from 2009-2010! It's sooo true!
excerpt from the slides

#1 - Unchecked Enterprise Architects
 •  Scientist: “My work is priceless, I must be able to
    access it at all times”
 •  Storage Guru: “Hmmm…you want H/A, huh?”!
 •  System delivered:
    !  Small (< 50TB) Enterprise FC SAN
    !  Asynchronous replication to remote DR site
    !  Can’t scale, can’t do NFS easily
    !  ~$500K/year in support & operational costs

•  Lessons learned
•  Corporate storage architects may not fully
   understand the needs of HPC and research
   informatics users
•  End-users may not be precise with terms:
   !  “Extremely reliable” means “no data loss”, not
      99.999% uptime at a cost of millions
•  When true costs are explained:
   !  Many research users will trade a small amount of
      uptime or availability for more capacity or

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