Saturday, 19 January 2013

Watch out for cars and lung cancer

Interesting reads on a rainy Saturday.

I think (at this point in time) believing whole genome sequencing or even exome seq is the way forward in medical health is akin to buying extended warranty.
You don't need it now but you are banking on having cost savings when u actually do (doing one whole genome versus small individual regions)

No doubt eventually when prescription of drugs depends on your genetic make up, your DNA sequences will be invaluable or even compulsory. (Before I read this article I didn't even know being slow to metabolize anti psychotics and beta blockers can be deadly). Right now, genomics offer a glimpse into likely causal associations which can be hard for the man on the street to act on, beyond the advice of " don't smoke, exercise, eat a healthy diet, and don't worry about DNA sequences"

I would also add "watch out for cars" since 1.3 million people die yearly from auto accidents versus 1.4 million deaths attributed to lung cancer.


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