Wednesday, 13 July 2011

RNA-seq on the Ion Torrent PGM

K I must admit with the 314 chip, 500k reads seem .... stretching the limits of usability for RNA-seq. but looking at the Life Tech's presentation New to RNA-seq; how it compares to microarrays. it does makes sense to use PGM over microarray for certain reasons.. and certain samples. e.g. bacteria / virus transcriptomes. Granted that PGM also gives better dynamic range than microarrays with a price that's not too far from microarray, it does make sense to beef up one's data with a run or two of Ion Torrent.

at USD $595 for a 316 chip run "All included"as quoted. They do make it very attractive for microarray users to switch over. Granted u might need a couple of runs to make sense of human samples.
Though I be wary about hidden costs not anticipated in their calculations.
What's interesting is that they claim no platform bias between SOLiD and PGM runs, no details are given, but i assume they ran PGM runs to match SOLiD Throughput and compared the output?

Would you consider PGM for ur RNA-seq?
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