Friday, 27 May 2011

Life Technologies announced the commercial release of LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software

Today, Life Technologies announced the commercial release of LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software. As BioScope™ software has been useful for bioinformaticists, LifeScope™ software is designed to be user-friendly for life scientists. Here are some LifeScope™ software highlights:


1. Performance is up to 5x faster than BioScope.

2. A new small RNA analysis workflow is available.

3. Auto-generated graphs and reports enable easier evaluation of analysis results.

4. Automatic data output viewing in Broad's IGV software.

5. Improved file processing efficiency is accomplished by working directly with the new, smaller XSQ file format.

6. Simplication of the configuration and management of analysis pipelines in the command line interface.

7. A re-engineered architecture maximizes a compute cluster environment.


Check out this video:

Optimized and Integrated Solutions for Every Need and Budget
Accelerate your analysis by running LifeScope™ Software on one of our optimized, high-performance computing Workstations or Clusters.  Both configurations come with LifeScope™ Software pre-loaded, performance tested, and ready to be licensed.  Learn more about the LifeScope™ Cluster and the LifeScope™ Workstation. If you prefer not to maintain your own compute infrastructure, opt for LifeScope™ Cloud (which provides the full power and sensitivity of the software in a massively scalable, convenient, and maintenance-free mode.

Kevin: WHAT IS THE PRICE? would Bioscope and Bioscope support remain free? Would unsatisfied Bioscope users be confident with Lifescope? Questions questions questions!

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