Monday, 7 March 2011

Microbial community profiling workshop in UK

Mike Head left a comment about a workshop which looks interesting. Would loved to be there.

The aim of such an event would be to bring together researchers interested in profiling whole bacterial communities using techniques such as metagenomics, (16s rDNA sequencing and whole bacterial DNA sequencing), T-RFLP, and other commercial applications.

To allow interested researchers and clinicians to better understand the potential of such techniques and to identify the best method of profiling their bacterial community of choice. To provide researchers who wish to use such methods with an overview of the theory of these methods such that experimental design is possible. Use of methods will be illustrated with examples of their use in infection research

IMPORTANCE Such techniques are used in environmental microbiology and are now being used in projects such as the human microbiome projects to investigate the diversity human pathogens and commensals and to characterise the microbial profile of various niches and relate this to conditions such as GI and respiratory disease.

Alan Walker (Sanger, UK)
Geraint Rogers (Kings, UK)
Mike Cox (Imperial, UK)
Bill Cookson (Imperial, UK)
Nick Loman / Mark Pallen (Bham, UK)
Chris Quince (Glasgow, UK)
Luanne Hall-Stoodley (Southampton, UK)
Bill Keevil (Southampton, UK)
Nick Jakubovics (Newcastle, UK)

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