Friday, 4 March 2011

Guide/tutorial for the analysis of RNA-seq data

link in seqanswers

Excellent starting point for those confused about the RNA-seq data analysis procedure.


I've written a guide to the analysis of RNA-seq data, for the purpose of differential expression analysis. It currently lives on our internal wiki that can't be viewed outside of our division, although printouts have been used at workshops. It is by no means perfect and very much a work in progress, but a number of people have found it helpful, so I thought it would useful to have it somewhere more publicly accessible.

I've attached a pdf version of the guide, although really what I was hoping was that someone here could suggest somewhere where it could be publicly hosted as a wiki. This area is so multifaceted and fast-moving that the only way such a guide can remain useful is if it can be constantly extended and updated.

If anyone has any suggestions about potential hosting, they can contact me at myoung



Update: I've put a few extra things on our local Wiki and seeing as people here seem to be finding this useful I thought I'd post an updated version. I'm also an author on a review paper on Differential Expression using RNA-seq which people who find the guide useful, might also find relevant...

RNA-seq Review

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