Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ion torrent and DNAstar partnership

Ion Torrent to Provide Assembly and Analysis Solutions from DNAStar

Working with commercial software providers appear to be Life Tech's direction. Earlier they announced a partnership with Partek. I think it is a good move since coming up with an inhouse software that works is not enough. There has to be more reasons for using one over another. Unless Life Tech is moving into providing it's own software solutions commercially, it is not cost effective to have a software development team working on solutions. ( unless of course if u r trying to use free software to close the gap between competitors. ) NGS has spawned a demand for bioinfo jobs and software to tackle the deluge of data. With new sequencers and new file formats I think the scene will be still have more vibrant yet confusing times to come.


  1. I agree, but DNAStar produce some of the *worst* bioinformatics software this side of the sun... unless they have seriously improved their offering, I can see it being a bad decision on Life Tech's part.

  2. I would assume DNAStar's position in the market has something do with it. The software has improved significantly over the last 30 years the company has been in business. If you are looking at the software developed 30 years ago, duh, I wouldn't expect the software developed that long ago to be cutting edge today. A recent BMC Genomics paper clearly shows the advantages of using NGen for the Ion Torrent data.


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