Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Complete Genomics on the $10,000 Human genome

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By Kevin Davies 
February 7, 2011 | MARCO ISLAND, FL – It is a testament to the remarkable progress in next-generation sequencing and analysis that when neurobiologist Tim Yu described the complete sequencing of 40 human genomes in a successful search for gene mutations that cause autism, it barely registered a ripple from the large audience. 

“We’re still the only company that’s published a 10-5 error-rate [human] genome,” Reid says (average 1 error/100,000 bases). He asserts that Illumina’s current system consumes $5,000 in reagents, and that cost swells to $20-25,000 when the full cost of informatics and labor is included.  
After claiming last year that CGI had cracked the $1,000 genome threshold for reagent costs, Reid now says that CGI’s all-in cost for a complete human genome is under $10,000. “With all of it added in, we’re below $10,000 now. We’ve got a 2-3X cost advantage [over Illumina], and a 10X quality advantage.”   
CGI currently charges $9,500 per genome for a minimum order of eight genomes. “You can’t pay $20,000 [per genome] any more, even if you try. We just send the money back!”   

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