Sunday, 6 December 2009

Booting Ubuntu off a USB thumb/hdd

Hands up for those who feel frustrated burning CDs of linux distros only to find out at boot that the burn went wrong and you have failed md5 checksums on the disc thereby restarting your installation process!

there's other stuff like haven't to reinstall all your favourite programs like gvim bioperl etc.. cos the liveCD doesn't contain them. 

Have always known that you can boot off a USB thumbdrive, so I found an old seagate 10 GB HDD (dun laugh! I finally found a use for it!!) plugged that in a USB casing,
followed the instructions in here for making a casper-rw for persistent file settings

downloaded the proprietary ATI drivers for my motherboard. and off I go in experimentation!
will update this post for my experience!
I hope CentOS will behave well in this manner! Not relishing the experience of having to burn another failed DVD

UPDATE: Darn Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H refuses to boot from my USB HDD nor my 2 GB  thumb!
the bios recog the HDD, and thumb
for the former it just hangs there.
the latter gave a boot error with no specifics!
no idea why!

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