Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Baylor releases Exome and WGS data of 7 cancer patients with Open Access

An open access pilot freely sharing cancer genomic data from participants in Texas
  • Scientific Data 3, Article number: 160010 (2016) 
  • ​doi:10.1038/sdata.2016.10
  •  In a pilot Open Access (OA) project from the CPRIT-funded Texas Cancer Research Biobank, many Texas cancer patients were willing to openly share genomic data from tumor and normal matched pair specimens. For the first time, genetic data from 7 human cancer cases with matched normal are freely available without requirement for data use agreements nor any major restriction except that end users cannot attempt to re-identify the participants (

There's whole exome seq data and 2 whole genome sequencing data where the sample quality is good enough for WGS.
A copy of the open-access TCRB data, conditions of use, and the HGSC’s Mercury informatics pipeline is available now for DNAnexus Platform users.

The full paper is here
A copy of the data is also available for DNAnexus Platform users here

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