Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A cloud platform for virtual screening?

Chanced on a blog post inspired by https://www.quantconnect.com/ . Overington suggests the possibility of adopting the model for virtual screening informatics.

For our field I think a SV detection platform would be most 'lucrative'. I would argue that SVs hold an even more important position in contributing to human diversity and disease than the relatively-easier-to-characterize SNPs. I think that  workflow/pipelines might be able to provide a basic framework to build on for people to try to tackle characterization of SVs across multiple sources of sequence data that's publicly available. The problem is who will host the data and platform

The ChEMBL-og - Open Data For Drug Discovery: A cloud platform for virtual screening?Anyway, have a look, it looks really nice, and got me thinking that it would be a great model for a virtual screening/drug repositioning informatics biotech, where the platform 'brokers' a tournament of approaches coded against data held on a data/compute cloud

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