Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Amazon S3 for temporary storage of large datasets?

Just did a rough calculation on AWS calculator, the numbers are quite scary!

For a hypothetical 50 TB dataset (haven't found out the single S3 object max file size yet, seem to recall it's 1 Gbytes)
it costs $4160.27 to store it for a month!

to transfer it out it costs $4807.11!

For 3 years, the cost of storage is $149,000 which I guess you can pay for an enterprise storage solution and transfer costs are zero.

At this point in time, I guess one can't really use AWS S3 for sequence archival. I wonder if data deduplication can help reduce cloud storage costs ... I am sure in terms of bytes, BAM files should be quite similar .. no?

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  1. All my work remains on internal servers but I did see this recently and take a note of it:


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