Monday, 25 April 2011

Webinar Introduction to Ion Torrent Informatics

Webinar by Life Technologies
Introduction to Ion Torrent Informatics
4 May 2011
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Event Title Introduction to Ion Torrent Informatics
Event Description The Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing platform includes a preconfigured Torrent Server that processes data from the Ion PGM™ Sequencer. With each semiconductor sequencing run, data analysis occurs on the Torrent Server. Scientists can interact with Torrent Server through the remotely accessible Torrent Browser web interface. Both processing status and run performance are easily viewable through these web pages. From Torrent Browser, detailed analysis reports can be viewed or sequencing data can be downloaded to your local computer for downstream analysis. The Torrent Suite Software formats base call and alignment data using industry standard data formats giving users the flexibility to use a wide variety of analysis tools. For scientists who are looking for analysis solutions, several downstream software packages are available and will be briefly demonstrated to show how DNA variations can be identified.

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  1. Hi kevin,

    Can you please tell me, as ion torrent uses remote server to analyze data, how fast one can play with it? Have you experienced the fastness of thier tool? Another question is how secured it is to use as it catalogs all the data?



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