Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Programmer’s Discussion: Procedural vs. OO

A Programmer’s Discussion: Procedural vs. OO
now that's something that I didn't expect to pop-up, people making a stand for Procedural programming vs OO.  (in the comments, the author of the post stands neutral though)

After so many years, I think I have only managed a few OO code although I am totally convinced that OO is the way to go. I have attributed this to my poor programming skills and often I need the ad hoc script to just work and cut down on development time. It is more rare than often that I have to reuse my code in a way that copy and paste doesn't solve the issue at hand fast. (vs remembering where did I deposit that method and how to access the method)

Hmmm perhaps I am not alone in this after all!

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