Friday, 11 June 2010

More Documentation for Bioscope v1.2 ?

Bioinformatics For Dummies
Jacob whom I presume is a bioscope developer blogs about how he intends to write a book entitled Bioscope for dummies. I think the title so ripe with double meanings that I think they should work on a campaign with that as a slogan!
Jokes for those in the know aside, Bioscope is sorely lacking in documentation. While the idea has been to make it a single click = analysed data I feel that there's a lot of scripts and binaries within the software framework that can be utilised by its own or with combination of other tools. For example, it's mapper (named mapreads i believe ) might be a good standalone colorspace mapping tool that one might use instead of BWA or BFAST or Bowtie if one so inclines to. But actually I am more interested to use the downstream SNP reporting tools after I have gotten my BAM file from another aligner. Sadly, I only just realised I might not be able to use Bioscope that way just recently.
By limiting the number of people getting the software and by limiting people who gets the software with no documentation to use it the way they want just creates frustration for users trying to use SOLiD for its accuracy. Not a bright thing to do when you are jostling for 2nd position in the game.

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